Extended WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

$59.00 / month

24/7 Security Monitoring

Secure Off-Site Backups

WordPress Core Updates

Theme/Plugin Updates

Application Firewall

Video User Manuals

Add-On Hours Available



Extended WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

24/7 Security Monitoring

We use the best software available to protect your website. We receive daily reports and are notified of file changes and/or malware found. If your site were to be hacked we would be able to find the issue quickly.

Weekly Website Backups

Your website is a integral piece of your business. That’s why we back it up weekly to two different locations. You can rest easy knowing your content will be safe and sound.

Core WordPress Updates

WordPress updates on a regular basis. It is vitally important to update your website quickly when that happens. We will install the update on your website within 24 hours of release. Your core files will always be up to date.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are regularly updated for usability and for vulnerabilities. It is important to update each plugin as soon as possible after it has been released. We will have all plugins updated within 24 hours of the update release.

Premium Theme Updates

All WordPress websites use a theme to present the content and give the overall look of your website. Themes are often updated based on WordPress core file updates, upgrades in the theme itself, and sometimes because a possible vulnerability has been found and fixed. We track your theme files and update as required.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring is done through specific software and checks your website every 5 minutes to make sure that it’s still online. If for some reason your site is down we will both be are notified. You can then take corrective action or contact us to fix your website for you. This way you are able to minimize any downtime and lost revenue.

Application Firewall

The Application Firewall protects your website from being hacked by identifying malicious traffic and blocking would be attackers. the firewall is automatically updated with new firewall rules that protect you from the latest threats, even if you have a vulnerable plugin or theme.

Video User Manuals

Many of our clients are not sure how to do everything that WordPress offers and when you throw in plugins, forms, SEO, E-commerce, and Google Analytics it can be overwhelming. For this reason we include high quality Video User Manuals that will instruct you how to use WordPress efficiently and effectively. Currentl training videos included: WordPress (45), Gravity Forms (5), Yoast SEO (4), WooCommerce (14), Google Analytics (21) and Beaver Builder (21) videos.


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