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Thank you veterans from WP Maintenance Plans

As a veteran owned company, we know what it means to serve and we understand the sacrifices that our military men and women have made and continue to make.

We serve people from all walks of life, however, veterans and current active duty military hold a special place in our hearts. In order to show our appreciation to the military personnel who have vowed to protect and serve our country, we discount every service we offer by 15%.

While we can never fully repay the sacrifices you have made for this country, we can at least show our appreciation through these discounts.

To receive the discounted services, we will need to verify that you’re a U.S. veteran, on Active Duty, or in the Reserve or National Guard.

The 15% discount we offer veterans is a lifetime offer. As long as you are using our services, your discount will be valid. Because we have monthly subscription packages, this can add up to significant savings.

Thank You For Your Service