What Is There To Know About WEBARX Security?

Few WordPress site owners know this, but according to research, up to 98 percent of vulnerabilities found in WordPress come from plugins. At least 5 new vulnerabilities in WordPress are discovered every day, and this puts you at extremely high risk unless you are using a security plugin like WebARX.

WebARX is a security service that is focused on protecting websites from all kinds of vulnerabilities. It is not specific to WordPress, it will work with any PHP based site, but it does comes with a WordPress plugin in order to make the entire set up easy.

The security plugin also offers everything a WordPress site owner would need in their cloud-based dashboard that you can easily access anywhere and at all times. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate any irregularities and ensure that your website is up 24/7 and safe from hacking attempts or unauthorized access.

​Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Security Plugin

If you are reevaluating your WordPress security strategy, chances are the wide variety of options in today’s market may overwhelm you. There are several excellent tools to protect WordPress sites from getting hacked. This makes it relatively tough to select or choose the most effective security tool for your site.

But to help you make the right decision, here are 3 things to consider before buying a WordPress site security tool:

Not all WordPress security tools come with a firewall.
Many popular security plugins for WordPress do not include a firewall. And you need an effective firewall that will block or prevent a wide range of attacks.

The web application needs to have a continuously updated rule-set.
This allows for recognizing attacks and blocking them promptly. It can analyze every request, not just those that hit a specific application.

Login page hardening.
Login pages are allegedly one of the most tempting targets for hacktivists to focus on. By hardening your login page, you make it much more difficult for hackers to access your website easily. Hardening the login page can make users enter emails instead of their usernames, hide crucial information about login errors, etc.

“My message for companies that think they haven’t been attacked is: “You’re not looking hard enough”.

~ James Snook

Brief History of WebARX

WebARX is a security startup company based in Estonia, a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea. It was founded in 2015 with one idea in mind: to make the web a safer place for web developers, digital agencies, and website owners.

The company is also behind the highly popular, open-source plugin vulnerability scanner known as WPBullet and the soon-to-be-released bug bounty platform Plug Bounty. The startup’s big vision is for a much safer web.

WebARX Security—web application security platform—allows digital agencies and web developers to get super advanced website security successfully integrated with every website. The goal is to make such websites less time-consuming and effective to manage security, even across multiple websites.

The security company is all about minimizing the security risks from third-party elements within web applications. They protect sites from theme and plugin vulnerabilities.

What Can WebARX Security Do For You?

Web Application Firewall

WebARX Security web application firewall (WAF) comes loaded with innovative features that help WordPress users eliminate malicious bots and spam. It also helps to prevent plugin vulnerabilities and malware infections. And, according to them, they entirely remove the need to use or rely on multiple security plugins. This can make your life simpler when handling security on your site and tracking the number of plugins you are using.

Installing the WebARX firewall takes less than 60 seconds for a WordPress website. For any other CMS (content management system), it does not take much over 3 minutes.

Hackers are always ready to attack insecure websites. Therefore, having an excellent security mechanism in place helps to stop their invasion. WebARX web application firewall is technically advanced so that your WordPress site will benefit from its use.

  WebARX Firewall options screen


Security and Vulnerability Monitoring

WebARX provides users with a complete overview of the security of their WordPress sites. The security plugin will analyze all software versions that your site uses, right from PHP and Apache versions to CMS, themes, and plugins.

WebARX also checks if your WordPress site is blacklisted on search engines or mentioned in hacker communities and forums. Security scans will set off alerts when errors or vulnerable software is detected on any of your WordPress sites.

It will inform you if someone is trying to guess your unique password. You will see everything in your activity log, which reveals the number of failed attempts at logging in to your site and where those attempts originate from.

Alerts and Security Reports

You can set up WebARX Security to receive alerts on slack or email, including alternate emails. You are able generate security reports for every site you monitor and secure. Customizing the PDF reports with your logo and sending them to your customers—in order to inform them you have them covered.

WordPress Hardening

You can harden your WordPress installation—thanks to WebARX—by using brute-force/XML-RPC protection, two-factor authentication, and Re-captcha. You can also automatically add necessary security headers.

WebARX Security Login settings

As you can see above your login screen gives you options like:

  • Moving and renaming your Admin login page – Hide it from hackers.
  • Restrict login hours – Helps when you’re not around, no one else can login.
  • 2FA – Two factor authentication for you or any other account you allow.

You can add cookie notification bars to your website, change your wp-admin, and customize the notification bar to suit your brand name.

WebARX Security Cookie Notice screen

Via WebARX Security, you have the chance to keep off-site backups and remain the only person with express access to them. With the first version, you can connect your WordPress website to your Google Drive account. You are also at liberty to set your desired frequency of the automated backup.

You can even revert the WordPress site to a much earlier version of a particular backup. You can do this directly via the use of the WebARX backup plugin for WordPress along with PHP. Then revert databases, files, or both.

Database Security

Although WordPress does an excellent job of storing all your site’s information, they are still highly vulnerable to attack. This is possible if you stick with the platform’s default prefix as you name them.

Backing up the database from time to time is vital in order to play it safe and have a copy to replace a hacked site.

You probably want to also change your database’s prefix, making it much harder for hackers to access it.

You need a security plugin that will enable you to carry out or implement these solutions. WebARX is one of the security plugins that permits such implementations.

Additional Features of WebARX Security

Here are some additional features that make WebARX it an excellent choice for securing your WordPress website.

  • Complete Security Overview: The dashboard allows you to view and control major aspects of your security plan.
  • Hinders automated public-exploits attacks: Thanks to WebARX firewall’s Threat Intelligence—which is updated every day.
  • Generic OWASP 2017 base: OWASP 2017-based PHP IDS ensures all the $_GET, $_POST, etc. requests never pass muster.
  • Stops brute-force attacks: This occurs by hardening options that effectively block up to 99 percent of the brute-force attacks. (Admin-panel hider, auto-configured Re-captcha, etc.)

WebARX Security brute force

  • Blocks malicious traffic: This means no more malicious scanning bots and fake traffic.
  • Website security monitoring: Get notifications in order to eliminate risks in time.
  • Uptime monitoring: This occurs on all your sites every 5 minutes. You will also get every sites’ weekly SLA percent.
  • Software vulnerability monitoring: WebARX swiftly analyzes any available software the site uses.

WebARX Security vulnerable plugins screen

  • Defacement monitoring: Receive notifications when unauthenticated or suspicious content changes are detected on your site.
  • Alert integrations (Email, Slack): Receive crucial security alerts almost immediately to your preferred or chosen channel.
  • Blacklist monitoring: Frequent checks to see if your site is listed in any anti-virus company or search engine blacklists.
  • WebARX Threat Intelligence: informs you if any of your sites are showing up in hacker communities.
  • WordPress Virtual Patches: WebARX sends virtual patches each day to the firewall. These virtual patches are firewall rules that block and protect a specific plugin or component vulnerability.
  • Domain mentions in Defacement Databases: Check to see if your domain is listed in defacement databases like Defacer ID, Zone-H, etc.
  • Domain mentions in Target lists: Check to see if your domain is targeted in hacktivist operations or mentioned in target lists.
  • Domain mentions in Hacker forums: Check to see if your domains are mentioned in known dark web forums.

WebARX Security – Support and Pricing

WebARX offers a 14-day trial for free. And after that, if you wish to continue using the service, they will charge you$14.99 per month for each website you own and operate the security plugin.


    • Easy to set up/install and play security plugin.
    • Excellent layout and clean UI.
    • Exceptional performance. 
    • WebARX support is excellent.
    • It does an outstanding job of protecting WordPress sites from getting hacked.


    • None Yet.

    Are The Reviews Good?

    To confirm the reviews of WebARX Security Plugin, we did a little searching to see what their users had so say. Here’s what we found:

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    WebARX Security is a unique and premium all-in-one platform that manages the security of websites. It is a very good option for people with multiple websites to monitor or manage, all on a single dashboard.

    WebARX security plugin is not unique to WordPress-powered sites. It works on any PHP powered site and its powerful firewall, security updates, malware prevention, etc., helps to save both time and money. It also eliminates the need for the use of multiple security plugins.

    Major integrations with PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart, WebARX Security is sure to fire up website owners, digital agencies, and web developers that need to handle any type of security issue.

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